Philosophy of higher education and future strategic requirements “Goals and Skills” A Suggestion for Jordan 2030 Vision of Reform and Updating


  • Omar Alboon Educational Psychology, Nusaibah Al-Maziniyah College, Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan Author


Higher education strategic requirements, Goals and skills, Reform, Modernization


This study explores the philosophy of higher education in Jordan, specifically in relation to its strategic vision for 2030, focusing on two primary variables: strategic requirements and university goals and skills. These variables were conceptually analyzed and empirically tested to assess the impact of strategic planning on the quality of university leadership and its alignment with the Jordanian government’s objectives for educational reform and modernization by 2030. The research aims to determine how educational institutions can strategically plan to meet the necessary objectives and skills demanded by the university education system. Highlighting the importance of educational philosophy as a pioneering method, the study evaluates both the positive and negative aspects of the current strategic planning processes implemented in Jordanian higher education. The findings suggest that significant reforms in higher education policy and practice are essential to achieve the goals of Jordan's 2030 Vision, emphasizing the need for a dynamic, responsive educational system that promotes lifelong learning and societal engagement. Recommendations and action mechanisms aimed at developing the necessary goals and strategies to provide high-quality educational service are also reviewed, underpinning the necessity of achieving Vision 2030.