The Influence of Applying Metaverse on Enhancing the Education Quality in KSA


  • Seham Al Maghrabi Executive Master of Public Management Graduate - Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government Author
  • Khalid W. Wazani Associate Professor of Public Policies, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) – Dubai Author


Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Education, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The objective of this research study was to illuminate the pivotal role of metaverse technology in boosting the standard of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For the purpose of answering the research objectives of the study and determining its objectives, the study adopted a mixed-method approach, a combination of quantitative and qualitative studies. It used qualitative semi-structured interviews with 10 directors and officials at the Information Technology department for the Ministry of Education in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in addition to a number of school principals. Furthermore, from the qualitative side, 126 staff from the Ministry of Education in Jeddah were in the sample as well. Following the collection of qualitative and quantitative data, it was investigated using the sequential explanatory approach resulting at conclusion with multiple results. According the keyword facts, Saudi Arabia is very well placed to integrate metaverse applications in schools in a way that will result in high quality learning for the students. Though the system must be improved as far as digital infrastructure is concerned, if the foundations essential for achieving high education quality are missing, right now we cannot expect the metaverse to be the answer to the persistent problems of the educational system in the country. It is also worth noting that hitting metaverse technologies in the Saudi education domain will open a new era for high-quality education and may cause the educational process to transform to a new far stretched stage. With these findings in mind, we will formulate a few strategic reasons for the future. Another focal point would be the Saudi Ministry of Education which should start building both physical structures and necessary tools for providing high-grade technological and technical education at public schools and pushing independently owned schools toward the same goal. In addition, it's recommended for Saudi Arabia and stakeholders in tertiary education utilize country's outstanding technologies to lead the digital teaching infrastructure.