About the Journal

Interdisciplinary Research": This phrase indicates that the research endeavors to bridge the traditional boundaries between different scientific disciplines. It emphasizes the integration of knowledge and methodologies from various fields to tackle complex and multifaceted problems. Interdisciplinary research often involves experts from diverse backgrounds working together to gain fresh insights and perspectives.

"Advanced Sciences": This term implies that the research is situated within the realm of cutting-edge, progressive, and highly specialized scientific domains. It encompasses areas of study that are characterized by sophisticated techniques, leading-edge technology, and a deep understanding of complex phenomena. Advanced sciences often include fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, and more.

In summary, the title "Interdisciplinary Research in Advanced Sciences" conveys the idea of collaborative scientific exploration that transcends disciplinary boundaries to address complex and advanced topics in various scientific fields. It suggests that the research is at the forefront of scientific knowledge and innovation.