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  • Tamjeed Journal of AI Innovations in E-Learning and Education

    An open access Journal 

    Focus on: Computer Science , Artificial Intelligence , Human-Computer Interaction , Social Sciences , E-Learning.

    Aims  of the Journal: These aims reflect the journal's commitment to advancing knowledge, promoting collaboration, and addressing the multifaceted aspects of AI innovations in e-learning and education.

    Section one: Computer Science
    Computer Science (miscellaneous)
    Artificial Intelligence
    Human-Computer Interaction

    Section two: Arts and Humanities:
    Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous)
    Language and Linguistics
    Literature and Literary Theory
    Religious studies
    Social Psychology
    Psychology (miscellaneous)
    Developmental and Educational Psychology
    Experimental and Cognitive Psychology

    Section three: Social Sciences
    General Social Sciences
    Human Geography
    Atmospheric Science
    Environmental Science (miscellaneous)

  • Tamjeed Journal of Healthcare Engineering and Science Technology

    Journal title Tamjeed Journal of Healthcare Engineering and Science Technology
    Subject Healthcare Engineering and Science Technology
    Language English


    2583-7281 (online)


    Semiannual: January–June and July– December

    DOI Prefix 10.59785/TJHEST by Crossref



    Prof Dr. Malik Alazzam

    Publisher Tamjeed Publishing
    Citation Analysis Google Scholar
    OAI https://www.tamjed.com/index.php/TJHEST/oai


  • Healthcare and Society (HCS)

    An open access Journal 

    Focus on: Community engagement in the field of healthcare development and management, Effective management of pharmaceuticals and Nursing.

      Aims  of the Journal: The "Healthcare and Society" journal is  aims to be a key disseminator of research and insights into the efficient management of pharmaceuticals and nursing within health systems. By encouraging cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration among researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and community members, the journal seeks to align its content with its core mission of fostering knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts in the domains of healthcare and society.

  • Tamjeed Journal of Business Information Technology

    An open access Journal 

    Focus on: International Business ,Management , Economics , IT , finance and accounting ,statistics, strategic management , industrial marketing , Entrepreneurship , Health Economics , IoT (Internet of Things) , Artificial Intelligence (AI) , IT Project Management , IT Education and Training.

    Aim of the Journal: The aim of this interdisciplinary journal is to provide a comprehensive platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to publish and access high-quality research, analysis, and insights in the fields of International Business, Management, Economics, IT, Finance and Accounting, Strategic Management, Industrial Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Health Economics, IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI), IT Project Management, and IT Education and Training.

  • Advancements in Biophysical Chemistry, Research in Applied Sciences (ABCMS)

     An open access Journal 

    Focus on:  Chemistry, Biochemistry,  Organic Chemistry, Mathematical Modeling ,Biophysical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering ,Environmental sciences.

    Aims  of the Journal: The journal's mission is to be a major venue for the publication of high-quality research in biophysical chemistry and applied sciences. It aims to stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation and facilitate the exchange of knowledge across various scientific fields. The main goal is to develop the field of biophysical chemistry by showcasing innovative research. The journal emphasizes the importance of incorporating mathematical modeling to address complex scientific challenges and prioritizes contributions that address environmental issues through sustainable practices.